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What if the boundaries about how to produce video did not exist?

Imagine the Possibilities...
If your production wasn’t limited by hardware.
And all of your sources and destinations could communicate.

Interconnected Production

The NewTek IP Series merges the power, efficiency, and flexibility of IP with NewTek’s proven software-driven live production approach to define a new workflow paradigm: Interconnected Production.

Connecting, communicating, and sharing video and audio across the network using innovative NDI technology, the NewTek IP Series acts as a single, interconnected production environment. Inputs, outputs, and media assets are readily available and accessible by any user in any location on the network, freeing your storytelling from the limits imposed by conventional production technology and enabling workflows of unprecedented scale and scope.

For today’s productions. And tomorrow’s demands.

Combining SDI compatibility with IP flexibility, the NewTek IP Series integrates into your current infrastructure, while priming your facility for the future. Its forward-thinking technology, seamless integration of turnkey capabilities, and modular architecture ensure that your workflow and productions keep pace with your vision for storytelling, even in the face of a rapidly changing industry landscape.

No Boundaries

Transition gradually or migrate immediately to IP-based production workflows with incredibly practical infrastructure and bandwidth requirements.
Remove the physical and logistical barriers limiting your potential to expand, grow, and evolve.
Future-proof your video operations with progressive technology independent of formats and resolutions.
Redefine your productions, workflows, and business now and for years to come.

Limitless Possibilities

Align legacy and contemporary technologies across a simplified infrastructure to maximize resources and investments.
Establish a production network in your control room or across your facility, connecting systems, users, and departments.
Link multiple locations over IP to create sophisticated multi-system, multi-site workflows.Pool production inputs, outputs, and media assets for universal access and interchange.

The Complete Ecosystem

Modern Approach

Modular architecture with limitless possibilities for configuration, customization, and control.
Native integration of NDI enabling interoperability with systems and devices from practically any manufacturer over IP.
Unrivaled, scalable turnkey capabilities: multi-source video mixing, advanced audio, multimedia and visual effects, and multi-delivery output.
Flawless real-time, multi-format processing and support for emerging transmission standards to execute any production.

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NewTek Video Mix Engine - IP Series NewTek VMC1 Video Mix Engine

The NewTek IP Series Video Mix Engine is the control center for the Interconnected Production workflow. With a 64 channel broadcast video production switcher, 44 external inputs, 8 M/E channels, virtual sets, media players, all over standard computer networks.

NewTek 4-Stripe Control Panel  - IP Series NewTek 4-Stripe Control Panel

The NewTek IP Series 4-Stripe Control Panel is the core of your real-time video operations, the tactile interface that connects you to the systems,
devices, software, and sources that form your interconnected production environment.

NewTek 2-Stripe Control Panel  - IP Series NewTek 2-Stripe Control Panel

The NewTek IP Series 2-Stripe Control Panel is the core of your real-time video operations, the tactile interface that connects you to the systems,
devices, software, and sources that form your interconnected production environment.

NC1 IN - Studio Input Module (4-channel) - Varto Technologies NC1 IN - Studio Input Module (4-channel)

The NewTek NC1 Studio Input Module is a flexible extension of your studio, facility, and pipeline, making it possible to add new input sources to your production from any location on your network—and entirely new dimensions to your workflow.

NC1 I/O - Studio I/O Module (8-channel) - Varto Technologies NC1 I/O - Studio I/O Module (8-channel)

NC1 Input Output Module: 8 x configurable video channels, SDI I/O with NDITM video translation, support for quad-link 4K UHD and 3G-SDI

NewTek Studio Output Module  - IP Series NewTek Studio Expansion Module

The NewTek Studio Expansion Module converts multi-channel NDI signals to four independent SDI video outputs with keying and DVE effects on each output.