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Connect a FW 800 port to a 4-pin FireWire port (camcorders, PC laptops, etc.) with this 2 meter 9-pin to 4-pin FireWire 800 cable. Connect a 9-pin FW 800 port to a legacy 6-pin FireWire 400 port with this 2 meter 9-pin to 6-pin cable. Connect two high speed FW 800 devices together with this 2m FireWire 800 cable.
3-port FireWire 800 PCI Card
Add (2) high-speed external FireWire 800 ports* to any Mac G4/G5 or PC with this FireWire 800 PCI card. This card also provides (1) external 6-pin FireWire 400 port and (1) external 4-pin FireWire 400 port. *Computer must be equipped with a 64 bit PCI slot to achieve FW 800 speeds.