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We build technology that improves the content creation process.

Workstations | Storage | DAM | Workflow Automation | Support & Services

Workstations | Whether you’re making quick cuts in ProRes or looking to support a 5k workflow, we
have the systems that will work best for you. With support for Apple, HP, and our own ProMAX ONE,
line we are the leaders in Professional Video Workstations.

Storage | From our flagship storage server Platform, down to a locally attached FastMAX line
we create products that fit the needs of any professional or workgroup.

Platform | Designed with the unique modular advantage, it not only provides shared storage but can
be used for other critical applications such as DAM, TRANSCODING, and ARCHIVAL. Ideal for facilities
needing to connect large amounts of users to centralized storage.

Platform Studio | Built on the same core idea and software of Platform, Platform Studio provides
the first real solution to small workgroups needing shared storage, asset management and archival;
anyone can afford.

ProjectStor | Uniquely designed to incorporate ultra-fast local storage and LTO archival into a single unit.

FastMAX | When you require speeds up to 1500MB/s, look no further than the world’s fastest locally
attached storage.

Digital Asset Management | With one of the most cohesive technical staffs in our industry, ProMAX has been a leader in DAM, supporting more FCP Server installs than any other reseller or support organization.We currently have a range of options including CatDV and Avid Interplay. With pre-DAM planning, installation and training services we can make sure you get the most out of your DAM and get to the quickest ROI possible.

Workflow Automation | Now more than ever there are opportunities to save time and money with
automating as much of your workflow as possible. The possibilities are endless, but the technologies
can be confusing. We can help you understand how to maximize your time on creative tasks and
offload scriptable tasks to servers.

Installation, Support & Services | Hit the easy button and let us offload your technical duties.
We offer a full range of options to suit your needs. From our Start Editing Now packages to onsite
installations and unlimited support contracts. We boast one of the largest install bases in the country
and are experts in keeping you up and running no matter where you are.