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With over 100 operator-centric capabilities requiring no additional hardware, TriCaster Advanced Edition now enables advanced IP workflows that help grow audiences, elevate brand standards and save valuable time. Among the many new integrated features, this update of TriCaster Advanced Edition implements NewTek’s groundbreaking Network Device Interface (NDI™) technology, letting users work seamlessly with low latency, broadcast-quality video via direct IP integration with other connected devices.

  • Leap into the next era of video production with NewTek’s simplified Advanced IP Workflow powered by the NDI™ protocol, NewTek's innovative Network Device Interface technology. Access any video source, anywhere on your network, expanding your switchable content exponentially.
  • Produce bigger programs with more options. Send more outputs to more destinations over IP, connect to external routers, and interface with a host of Dante-enabled audio devices to expand the scope and size of your productions.
  • Keep audiences engaged with pristine data-driven graphics embedded directly into your on-screen content. Enhance the viewing experience for games, reports, and live events with up-to-the-second stats, social media, and information that merge seamlessly into your productions.
  • Set a whole new standard for your creative brand—and the visual artistry demanded by the video industry. Fully automated in-show replay capabilities, fantastic full-motion compositions, real-time multimedia effects, and a stellar augmented reality LiveSet technology will considerably raise the bar on the expectations you have for your best shows.
  • Deliver first-rate second and third screen content directly to your viewers online and on the social media channels they use. Expand your reach without compromise, and live stream to multiple platforms and user accounts simultaneously—connecting with more of your audience in more ways.
TriCaster Advanced Edition is compatible with current TriCaster Pro Line models (8000, 860, 460, 410) and TriCaster Mini (HD-4, HD-4i, and HD-4sdi).
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