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DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel Fairlight Console Chassis 5 Bay Fairlight Console Chassis 4 Bay
DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel
Our Price: $27,585.00
Fairlight Console Chassis 5 Bay
Our Price: $12,995.00
Fairlight Console Chassis 4 Bay
Our Price: $10,995.00
DaVinci color correctors are the standard in post production since 1984. There are thousands of colorists worldwide who understand the performance, quality and workflow of DaVinci and love it as their trusted partner in creativity. DaVinci is the name behind more feature films, television commercials, documentaries, episodic television production and music videos than any other grading system. Now avalible for both Mac and Linux, the true quality and power of DaVinci is now affordable for everyone!
Modular cast steel chassis in a 5 bay configuration. Modular cast steel chassis in a 4 bay configuration.
Fairlight Console Chassis 3 Bay Fairlight Console Chassis 2 Bay Fairlight Console Audio Editor
Modular cast steel chassis in a 3 bay configuration. Modular cast steel chassis in a 2 bay configuration. Dedicated hardware control panel for high speed, precision audio editing that lets you work much faster than is possible with a traditional mouse.
Fairlight Desktop Audio Editor Fairlight Console Channel Fader Fairlight Desktop Console
Fairlight Desktop Console
Our Price: $3,139.00
Dedicated hardware control panel for high speed, precision audio editing that lets you work much faster than is possible with a traditional mouse. Fader panel featuring 12 precision motorized faders with call, solo, mute, and automation controls, along with LED display for each channel's status. The Fairlight Desktop Console is a full audio control surface featuring a bank of 12 touch sensitive faders and pan knobs, built in LCDs above each channel strip, channel control buttons, automation transport and navigation controls, HDMI graphical interface output for connecting a monitor, and more.
Fairlight Console Channel Control Fairlight Audio Interface DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel
Fairlight Audio Interface
Our Price: $2,375.00
DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel
Our Price: $2,115.00
8 dual function touch sensitive knobs and buttons for each of the 12 fader channel strips, giving you fingertip control of up to 192 parameters! Professional tools designed for film and television audio post!
Audio is no longer an afterthought in post production! Sound elevates the emotional impact of the picture with stirring scores, clear dialog and incredible effects that make us feel like were part of the story. Now, for the first time ever, professional audio post production is fully integrated into a single application that gives sound editors, colorists, and video editors everything they need to seamlessly collaborate and create films and television shows that will be remembered for generations to come!
The DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel is a compact panel that's packed with a massive combination of features and controls! Like the micro panel, you get three professional trackballs along with a variety of buttons for switching tools, adding color correctors and navigating your node tree. It also features two color LCD screens that display menus, controls and parameter settings for the selected tool, along with direct access buttons that let you go direct to the menus for specific DaVinci features. The DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel is ideal for editors and colorists that need to regularly switch between editing and color grading, or for freelance colorists that need to take their panel with them when moving between facilities! The mini panel is also great for colorists working on location shoots, for corporate and event videographers, houses of worship and more!
Fairlight Console LCD Monitor Fairlight PCIe Audio Accelerator DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel
Fairlight Console LCD Monitor
Our Price: $1,295.00
High resolution screen with HDMI and SDI inputs for viewing channel controls, meters, video and more. For the absolute best performance, add a Fairlight Audio Accelerator to your system! Youíll get blazing performance with amazing sub‑millisecond latency for hundreds of tracks with full real time processing of EQ, expander/gate, compressor and limiter dynamics, and up to 6 real time plug‑ins per channel! The DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel from Blackmagic Design is a portable control surface that provides more control and a faster workflow to DaVinci Resolve software than working with a keyboard and mouse alone. Suitable for editors and colorists that need a portable control surface. It features three high-resolution, weighted trackballs and 12 control knobs for accessing essential primary color-correction tools in the Resolve software. Eighteen dedicated keys on the right side also give you access to the most commonly used grading features and playback controls.
DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard Fairlight Console LCD Monitor Blank DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor
The DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard is designed for professional editors who need to work faster and turn around work quickly. More than just a simple keyboard, the DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard has been designed as an alternative way to edit thatís much faster than a mouse because you can simultaneously use both hands at the same time! You also get an integrated search dial built right into the keyboard. Simply plug the keyboard into any USB‑C computer and you are ready to go! While most keys will work as a standard USB keyboard, the DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard has been designed for DaVinci Resolve 16 to enable an editing experience that's dramatically faster than previously possible.

Blackmagic Design Fairlight Console LCD Monitor Blank

The DaVinci Resolve keyboards allow a better quality editing experience because they create a physical connection to the edit thatís deeper than a simple computer mouse. The search dial is a machined metal design so it has a weighted feel and it can be spun fast to move up and down the timeline quickly. However the search dial is more than this because it can be used for live trimming! Simply press one of the trim buttons and the search dial will transform into a large adjustment knob for real time, precise trimming! Once you've experienced trimming with the search dial, it's virtually impossible to go back to a mouse!

DaVinci Trackball Fusion Studio DaVinci Resolve Studio Dongle
DaVinci Trackball
Our Price: $295.00
Blackmagic Design's Replacement Trackball for the DaVinci Resolve Control Surface is a replacement trackball with the housing enclosure for the DaVinci Resolve Control Surface, and provides RGB balance adjustments and gain for lift, gamma and gain. Fusion is the world's most advanced compositing software for visual effects artists, broadcast and motion graphic designers, and 3D animators. Over the last 30 years, Fusion has been used on thousands of Hollywood blockbuster movies and television shows. Fusion features a powerful node based interface that lets you quickly and easily create sophisticated effects by connecting different types of image processing tools together! You get a massive range of tools, incredible VR and 3D support, GPU accelerated performance, unlimited network rendering and more! Fusion gives you everything you need to create exciting broadcast graphics, dramatic titles, and even major feature film visual effects! DaVinci Resolve 16 is the only solution that combines professional 8K Editing, color correction, visual effects and audio post production all in one software tool. Instantly move from editing, color, effects, and audio with a single click. Designed for multi-user collaboration the Davinci Resolve Studio 16 gets editors, assistants, colorists, VFX artists and sound designers all working live on the same project at the same time.DaVinci Resolve is the standard for high end post production and is used on more Hollywood feature films, television shows and commercials than any other software in the world!
DaVinci Resolve Studio Fairlight Console Channel Rack Kit Fairlight Console Channel Control Blank
DaVinci Resolve Studio
Our Price: $295.00

DaVinci Resolve 17 is a major new release with over 100 new features and 200 improvements! The color page features new HDR grading tools, redesigned primary controls, AI based magic mask and more. Fairlight updates mouse and keyboard edit selection tools so you can work faster, along with Fairlight Audio Core and FlexBus, a next generation audio engine and busing architecture with support for 2,000 tracks! Editors get a metadata slate view with bin dividers, zoomed waveforms for audio trimming, smart reframing, a unified inspector and dozens of other time saving tools. In addition, compositions created in Fusion can now be used as an effect, title or transition on the edit and cut pages!

Blackmagic Design Fairlight Console Channel Rack Kit

Blackmagic Design Fairlight Console Channel Control Blank