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Livestream Studio™ HD51 PROMO
List Price: $6,999.00
Our Price: $6,649.05
You save $349.95!
Livestream Studio™ HD510 PROMO
List Price: $9,999.00
Our Price: $9,499.05
You save $499.95!
Livestream Studio™ Surface Core
List Price: $5,999.00
Our Price: $5,699.05
You save $299.95!

Studio HD51

Beautifully integrated hardware & software at an affordable price

Kickstart your production workflow with five HD-SDI or HDMI inputs, all the Studio Software features, and a high performance system. Studio HD51 is the perfect combination of powerful, simple and affordable. Simply plug in a screen and go.

Studio HD510

Ultra-portable all-in-one switcher, with integrated touch-screen
Studio HD510 is the ultimate portable live production switcher. With a built in touch-screen display and unique form factor, the HD510 will give you flexibility and performance on the go. Studio HD510 can even be carried on a plane using the provided carry bag.

The Livestream Studio™ Surface Core is the newest addition to Livestream’s suite of professional production hardware. Lightweight and compact with three pristine color LCD screens and workflow indicative LED lights, the Surface Core combines video and audio switching in one modular unit designed to produce a live broadcast with the utmost ease and flexibility. Surface’s tactile and organized controls allow quick access to critical functions, including full motorized audio mixing and assignable triggers for current and future Studio features. Surface is built with magnetic guides so the Track module can seamlessly snap in place to increase the size and desired functionality of the unit. No matter how big or small a production, Livestream Studio™ Surface puts you in control.
Livestream Studio™ HD1710 PROMO
List Price: $29,999.00
Our Price: $28,499.05
You save $1,499.95!
Livestream Studio™ Surface Track
List Price: $5,999.00
Our Price: $5,699.05
You save $299.95!
Livestream Studio™ Software
List Price: $799.00
Our Price: $759.05
You save $39.95!
Livestream Studio™ HD1710 is forging the way for powerful, reliable production switchers at an affordable price. This option is ideal for producers who rely on complex setups for their streams and require switchers with the most enhanced capabilities. Perfect for rack mounting in control rooms or production trucks, the HD1710 can ingest up to 17 HDMI or professional HD-SDI cameras and display on up to 4 screens for optimal viewing. Its removable 2TB hard drives can record 4 simultaneous ISO recordings, 2 remote cameras, and 60 hours of broadcast quality program output. The HD1710 also comes with Livestream’s new Surface Core and Surface Track modules for the ultimate turnkey live production package. Take the Livestream Studio™ Surface Core to the next level with this track module, crafted specifically to expand the Studio™ Surface Core for larger productions. Surface Track magnetically aligns with the Core module, providing producers an intuitive and familiar control surface layout with additional 15 assignable tracks, rotary controls and an expansive audio mixer. Simply connect the Surface Track to Livestream Studio™ via USB for an affordable, flexible solution to scale up to complex broadcasts.

Transform your PC into a professional live production control room

Build your own live production switcher with the specifications you need using any Blackmagic Design Device and a Windows® computer.
Livestream Broadcaster Pro
List Price: $595.00
Our Price: $549.00
You save $46.00!
Livestream Studio HD550 PROMO
List Price: $7,999.00
Our Price: $7,599.05
You save $399.95!
A keyboard designed for quick and natural control of Livestream Studio products.

The Broadcaster Pro connects with any HDMI camera allowing you to go live from anywhere. With easy setup and control, the Broadcaster Pro is your solution for wired and wireless real time, HD live streaming. It’s the perfect accessory to help you reach your largest audience yet.

With its uniquely portable body, the Studio HD550 makes it easy to set up wherever your event may be. Travel to your destination with your Studio HD550 in its custom bag, and arrive ready for a full multi-camera production.
Studio Surface Go
List Price: $899.00
Our Price: $854.05
You save $44.95!
Livestream Studio HD31 PROMO
List Price: $3,999.00
Our Price: $3,799.05
You save $199.95!
Livestream Broadcaster Mini
List Price: $295.00
Our Price: $280.25
You save $14.75!

The Studio Surface Go is a USB powered accessory for Livestream Studio that lets you switch up to 5 inputs in preview or program with visual feedback. It also features 3 graphics track controls, a Mini-Tbar, and ‘Go Live’ and ‘Record’ buttons. But what sets it apart, are its convenient size and affordable price.

With three HD-SDI / HDMI inputs, all Studio Software features*, and a high performance system, Studio HD31 provides everything you need for a multi-camera live production.

The Broadcaster mini attaches to any HDMI camera and instantly transforms it into a mobile live streaming powerhouse. With easy setup and full control via the free Livestream app for iOS or Android, the Broadcaster mini is your solution for wireless, real time, HD live streaming. It’s the perfect accessory to help you reach your biggest audience yet.