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4 Stripe IP Series Control Panel for TriCaster TC1 2 Stripe IP Series Control Panel for TriCaster TC1 TriCaster TC1SP (14-Button Control Panel)
Definitive control for the most demanding IP production ecosystems.
The pinnacle of control for large-scale interconnected production environments, the NewTek 4-Stripe Control Panel lets you command multi-source, multi-system, and multi-site productions with absolute confidence.
Consummate control for IP production environments.
The perfect blend of power and versatility, the NewTek IP Series 2-Stripe Control Panel is built to handle interconnected productions—and environments—of any scale.
Compact, yet comprehensive control for modern productions.
Delivering powerful, professional control in a space-saving frame, the TriCaster TC1SP control panel pairs with TriCaster TC1 to drive modern productions in the studio, on the move, and everywhere in between.
TriCaster TC Mini Control Surface TriCaster™ 850 TW (available for TriCaster™ 850, 450 and 300 owners)
TriCaster™ 850 TW TimeWarp
Our Price: $2,495.00
  • Attractive, compact design and simple, plug-and-play setup
  • Studio style control and a small footprint to deliver professional results.

TriCaster™ 850 TW: Flexible new control surface that gives you control over all media playback capabilities, including one channel instant replay, normal and fast jog modes, preset buttons, and mark-in and mark-out controls.